How does it work?

To use it, just set your chainsaw bar in the BEAM MACHINE’s special clamp and tighten to set screws. Then nail a 2×4 on a log.  Position the saw and mill on the 2×4 and cut away.  The BEAM MACHINE slides along the 2×4 guide making a straight first cut.  Roll the log 90 degrees making the next cut.  After the fourth cut, you have a beam.

Saws Boards Too!

Any size board can be cut with the BEAM MACHINE. Just move the 2×4 over the desired amount and saw off a board.  Full instructions are included with each unit.

Like the best inventions, the BEAM MACHINE is a simple device that’s easy to use!

Pays for Itself

This tool can pay for itself in only a few minutes.  The BEAM MACHINE and a medium sized chainsaw can saw a 12ft 6×8 fir beam in less than a half hour. The biggest savings are in larger dimensional lumber.  Cutting rough-cut 2×6 you can definitely save money.  You could even sell lumber for extra income!

Eliminates “Chainsaw FATIGUE”

The BEAM MACHINE’s exclusive dog-tooth pivoting action takes most of the strain out of sawing because it supports the weight of the saw and provides a smooth, leveraged swing motion. You can square one side of a 12 foot beam in about 5 minutes.